The Protein Works™ Total Mass Matrix Extreme

Total Mass Matrix Weight Gainer Shake is the most calorie dense and nutrient dense weight gain formula to leave the TPW™ Laboratory. Containing a tri-protein blend that delivers over 65g of protein and 1,000 calories per serving. Total Mass Matrix has been designed to contribute to a growth in muscle mass and has been enhanced with premium grade single extract ingredients and amino acids. This includes a multi-source creatine blend, L Glutamine, a Vitamin B Vitablend, Super Grains and Medium Chain Triglycerides, ideal for anyone looking to add serious mass. This mass gainer shake contains a quality source of all three macro-nutrients, including a timed-release multi-source of carbohydrates that are calorie dense, shown to help increase physical performance during short-term, high intensity, repeated exercise bouts. Click on the Product for full information for your absolute peace of mind.

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